Beneventano White IGT ‘Il Tempo Ritrovato’ – Poderi Veneri Vecchio 2022, Campania


The wines produced by Raffaele a Castelvenere, in the Benevento-province, are natural wines resulting from a careful recovery of old wine yards and indigenous grapes such as the Greco, perhaps a clone of the Trebbiano, the Cerreto, probably a clone of the Malvasia di Candia, and other local varieties. Raffaele knew that recovering old wine yards also meant conserving a cultural patrimony, not only the genetics of it, but its biodiversity. He is convinced that anyone who wants to produce good wine needs to observe nature and conserve the surroundings, and that this is the only way to produce wine that naturally taste good and that also benefits from enthusing variations from year to year and, often, from bottle to bottle.

After harvesting Raffaele works attentively and cautiously using only natural levitation, no chemical additives or corrective or invasive technologies. The wine acquires its perfections in barriques and barrels made of wood that grows naturally in the area, such as acacia, chestnut and cherry, a way to preserve traditions of the past with the help of modern know-how. The natural wines of Poderi Veneri are therefore always a discovery, they reveal emotions that brings us back to the soil, the fauna and the flora of their place of origin, and to the ecosystem in all its complexity and diversity.

Golden with citrus-reflections. Its aroma hints of peaches and apricots, with notes of dry fruit, oregano and tobacco. In the palate tit reveals itself as a full-bodied white wine, yet at the same time sapid, fresh and balanced.


Carpaccio of gilthead bream (orata)

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