Cesanese di Olevano Romano DOCG “Collepazzo” 2018 Az. Lorella Reale Lazio


Lorealla Reale, a company born from Lorealla Reale and Piero Riccardi’s passion and love for soil,  is relatively new to the world of natural wines. With five hectares situated between Bellegra and Olevano Romano, incredibly close to Rome, they produced their first wines in 2013. Grapes are grown in a biodynamic manner with a technique they continue to develop through studies and confrontation with other winegrowers, so that chemicals are never used.  Rather, they aim to increase the fertility of their soil by using green manure and biodynamic products, convinced that that’s the only way to achieve a healthy, integral grape with which to produce splendid wines, wines that are truly enjoyable, digestible and, obviously, good. At Olevano Romano, in the Colle Pazzo-area, some 300 metres above sea level, there are two types of wine yards, both employing the Guyot-system, producing a variety of the Cesanese-grape known as the Cesanese di Affile or the Cesanese piccolo.

Inside each of these wine yards there are two types of soil, one volcanic and reddish in colour, and the other composed of white, sandy soil that emerged in the Cretaceous period. The grapes are harvested separately and the production process results in three types of cesanese-wine; two of them from the distinction between the grapes produced in different types of soil, while the third represents the combination of the two varieties. Natural levitation and maceration in concrete or steel basins precedes the maturation in durmast and chestnut wood.

Balanced and harmonious, an authentic interpretation of the terrain, with fruits and structure both well defined and integrated. Mature red fruits, wet soil and hints of spices, with vivid tannins and noticeable persistency.


Excellent with meat-based first and second courses such as fettuccine with meat sauce and pork steaks.

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