Gavi “Pleo” Az. La Raia 2022 Piemonte


The cortese di Gavi DOCG-area is situated in the hills in the southern part of the province of Alessandria, where the plains and the mountains embrace the flora of ancient times. These same characteristics provide for growing high quality grapes in small volumes, used for particularly complex and vigorous wines. The Gavi-area in other words, has a terrain and climatic conditions that augments the fascination of grapes produced here, at the same time as it favours small, family production, such as the Bergaglio family’s. Identity and richness, both in taste and aroma exalt these wines, while a limited alcohol contents make sure that are not too heavy.

VOf a green bordering dark yellow colour, and taste and smell in perfect harmony. A certain sapidity ensures freshness, which in turn gives room for white flowers, citrus and gooseberry. Limited alcohol contents and a wonderful taste that remains in the palate for a long time.



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