L’Angolo Divino is Massimo Crippa and Massimo Crippa is The Host.

Ok, he is also a sommelier. Perhaps he could even cultivate grapes, or be a guide on wine tours, even a wine blogger. But Massimo is in love with wine, and therefore he is a Host.

He’s the third generation of such hosts in the Crippa-family. Since the opening of “Vini e Oli” in 1946, they have carried forth this tradition and passion. In the mid-nineties, L’Angolo Divino took on it’s present form and became a true wine bar. And Massimo has been there for the past 25 years.

Talk to him. He’ll capture you with his accounts, he transmits curiosity and emotion, Massimo is a living example of the expression ‘In vino veritas’. When you speak of wine you can’t lie, because you can’t lie to your true love.

All this emotion also manifests itself in his selection of wines. Massimo doesn’t choose wines on the internet and he doesn’t order from catalogues. He is out and about, searching, listening. He has always chosen his wine directly from the producers, he treads wine yards, smells the peel of the grapes and talks to the farmers.

This method has proven even more important in recent years, when attention to health, and as a consequence, to new types of production, has led to the explosion of natural wines.

For all these reasons, entering ‘Massimo’s place’ is like entering into and old wine cellar and have a chat, a glass and a bite with old friends.