Behind Campo dei Fiori, close to Piazza Farnese, in the midst of Rome’s marvels, you’ll find ‘L’Angolo Divino’. More than 50 years of Roman history is enshrined between the walls of the bar, 50 years of love for wine. A wine bar with food and an international touch to it – each day you’ll find people from the entire world in this little corner bar. At the same time, you’ll be able to tell at first glance that this is not a touristy place. It’s not a fashionable place, and it is not improvised. It’s a bar for those that love living. The walls are covered with bottles of all shapes and colours and where there are no shelves, the worn wood of the lids of bottle-cases adorns the walls. It’s a place for everyone; for the passionate wine lover, for the curious and for the occasional passersby. L’Angolo Divino isn’t exclusive though its wine selection very often is. Each wine has been chosen attentively and carefully and is choice based on both curiosity and knowledge. You’ll fine wine from Italy’s most prestigious producers as well as from smaller, emerging brands, prominent wines and  carefully selected international wines, as well as a well cured list of new organic wines. And of course there’s also sparkling wine, champagne and grappa of all types. To accompany the wine (and not the other way around!) L’Angolo Divino proposes a simple but well cured cuisine, based on cold dishes, some of Italy’s best cheese and hams, as well as warm dishes prepared with seasonal produce according to Roman tradition. In case an occasional guest ends up falling in love or a dedicated wine lover just can’t get enough, L’Angolo Divino organizes wine tasting courses and wine and food-tasting events. Cin cin.